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4 Jul

Happy Independence Day!!!

2 Jul

Independence Day 2015, 239 and counting.

The First Independence Day...Was based on the legal separation of the original 13 American Colonies from England on July 2 1776. This is the day that the Second Continental Congress voted to approve the resolution before them to break away.  July 4 was the date on the Declaration of Independenc...more »

15 Jun

Weather Alert

The system in the Gulf is now Tropical Storm Bill. Heavy winds are not expected, but lots of rain is. Keep an eye on the weather, but its probably not gonna be as bad as the TV people say! Watch out for friends and neighbors, and don't drive if it starts flooding. Call us if you need us. Be safe!Nat...more »

26 May

Greater Houston weather conditions

Houston area weather is causing considerable problems for residents. No need to tell you that. If you have actual or possible damage or loss to your property, it is important that you take quick action to protect yourself and your property. Being very careful to not get hurt, please have temporary r...more »

23 May

Memorial Day 2015 -Remembering and Honoring

To be an American is a great honor, coupled with a specific responsibility. To protect the nation, keep it free, help others where appropriate, and keep it a place for others to come. We honor our fallen veterans today who have done so in so many ways and various different periods of history over th...more »