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21 Apr

San Jacinto Day in Texas

Everyone knows what the Alamo is. I am not sure that everyone knows that the Texian Army suffered a grave loss at that site. However, there was another day to fight, and today in Texas history, 178 years ago, about 900 rebels under the generalship of Sam Houston, defeated 1200 Mexican troops, and th...more »

15 Apr

Lots of things going on these days

This is Holy Week for Christians, Passover for Jews, today is the 1 year rememberance of the Boston Marathon bombing, the explosion and fire in West, Texas was also a year ago this week. There are 3 Christian themed movies out right now; Son of God, God Isn't Dead, and Heaven Is For Real. There was ...more »

4 Apr

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr was an American hero who stood up for what he believed in. Someone else tried to silence him for his outspokenness even though it was mostly about peace, love, and getting along with one another. That happened on this day in 1968. It was a sad day; if you are old enough to reme...more »

1 Apr

Baseball Season is here, No Joke!!

It's April Fools Day, but there's no foolin' about the fact that our favorite pastime is back. Some opening games have already been played, but today the whole league swings into action! The long winter is over (although some people in the north and midwest might doubt that this year), and its time ...more »

17 Mar

Today, EVERYONE is Irish !!!

Happy St Patrick's Day! Did you know St. Patrick wasn't Irish? He was a Brit.More here., and a special shout out to my Nephew Danny, and my stepfather, Murray. Happy Birthday to both of you!