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4 Sep

In Memoriam Deputy Darren Goforth, HCSO

Thank you for your service Deputy Goforth. Prayers for your family, friends, colleagues in blue. #endofwatch8282015Remember our law enforcement officers and their families. They are there for us everyday.

5 Aug

A Shocking Experience

I had a pretty nasty traffic accident about 3 weeks ago. Got t-boned, spun around 180 degrees going backwards down the road. The drive shaft rolled out from under the truck after I stopped. I didn't have any serious outward injuries, but have some back and neck pain. Been "off" ever since. Hard to s...more »

4 Jul

Happy Independence Day!!!

2 Jul

Independence Day 2015, 239 and counting.

The First Independence Day...Was based on the legal separation of the original 13 American Colonies from England on July 2 1776. This is the day that the Second Continental Congress voted to approve the resolution before them to break away.  July 4 was the date on the Declaration of Independenc...more »

15 Jun

Weather Alert

The system in the Gulf is now Tropical Storm Bill. Heavy winds are not expected, but lots of rain is. Keep an eye on the weather, but its probably not gonna be as bad as the TV people say! Watch out for friends and neighbors, and don't drive if it starts flooding. Call us if you need us. Be safe!Nat...more »