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It's fall!

2 Oct

Happiness is...

You'll never be happy if you chase money all your life. Find real joy through giving and serving others. Via Dave Ramsey.

17 Sep

Word of the Day September 17 2014

Do what is right. Regardless of the circumstances or outcomes. The truth and the right thing will always come out.

10 Sep

Remembering September 11

Today we remember that fateful day in 2001 when our lives were pierced with the needle of vicious terrorism, and the valiant, heroic, selfless response of first responders, victims, citizens, and a nation. All things have a purpose. This one is to remember who we are, especially in the worst of time...more »

22 Aug

Drive It Forward Friday

Today is Friday! Yay!!! Its the last Friday of the summer for many (booo) ; the first Friday of school for some. ;) Here is some valuable info for drivers of all ages, and especially youths, to keep our roads safe, and be a courteous and helpful driver. From our friends at Safeco Insurance. Cli...more »

3 Jul

July 4th, Independence Day

Many countries have an independence day, but none is like ours. Despite all the rhetoric and confusion, The United States of America are/is singularly unique. We didn't start out to revolt; we just wanted the British crown to recognize the colonies and let them participate in their own governme...more »