The home that you purchase or own is probably the most valuable asset you will ever have. Insuring that home will protect your investment, income, savings and other financial assets, and keep you and your family safe.

Here are the major parts of home insurance --

  • Dwelling - this is the pile of money that pays to repair or replace your home in the event of a covered loss. The number is a calculated value based on its replacement cost (how much it would cost to rebuild it), not its market or tax value.

  • Personal Property - the value of everything you carried into your home. Furniture, clothing, pictures, TV, stereo, CDs (ok, do you still have some?) books, tools, etc.

  • Loss of Use - another pile of money. In the event of damage to your home that a claim is assisting with, this pays for a place for you to stay while the work is being done, if your home is uninhabitable.

  • Personal Liability - protects you in case of a loss to a third party for which you are found liable.

  • Medical Payments - No-fault coverage for a third party who may have experienced injury on your property, but you are not found liable for.

Other items that may be included or available are animal liability, identity theft, blanket jewelry/valuables, scheduled jewelry/valuables, foundation water damage, water seepage and leakage, mechanical breakdown, loss assessment.

As an independent agency, we represent a number of home insurance companies. Some also offer auto insurance and other policies, some do not. We will always find the best fit and value for your specific needs.