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Man on the Moon!!!

Mockup of the Lunar Module "Eagle"

July 20 2019 -- What an exciting day it was on this day, 50 years ago. Apollo 11, along with its crew of 3 astronauts who are well known today, whisked across open space 250 million miles to the moon. It took 3 days. I was 12 years old then. I still remember that culmination of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs that had this day as its goal. Some black and white TV coverage that is being shown these past few days reminds me of all the drama and mystery. Some of the things that happened we are just now finding out about. Like having to find a different landing spot because the selected one was too rocky. A different calculation of the release point from the lunar orbit meant that their timing of flight was off. The first food eaten on the moon was Communion. The adventure was just beginning, and yet, there was so much still unknown. Enjoy reliving - or seeing it for the first time - the mission of Apollo 11 and the landing of the Eagle.

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