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Today is September 12, the day after

Today is Thursday September 12, 2019. The day after 9/11. On this day in 2001, we woke up. Maybe didn’t get much sleep, but the new day arrived. The sun rose, as previously scheduled. In some parts of our town today, it rained. Rain is a sign of provision from our Father above. Don’t know about you, but I was relieved to have a new day. It was different because there were no planes in the sky, we knew many people had died, or were suffering, some of our loved ones, friends, co-workers were stuck somewhere, possibly in a foreign country. Many of the problems, disputes, issues of that time were not so important. We were more concerned about people and community. Not politics, race, etc.

There were lots of flags out flying that day. Mine are out in the lawn this morning. We got along, looked out for each other, checked on our family, neighbors and friends. The busy-ness of life slowed down a bit. There was a different feel in the air, and it wasn’t the weather. It was the pulse of us. US, as in USA. Those of us that lived that day remember it well, won’t likely forget it. It’s our job to pass that on to anyone who is here now but wasn’t then. Anyone who is less than 18 years old today wasn’t alive then. And those under 4 or 5 or 6 don’t remember much. We have to preserve that, best we can.

We remember 9/11 every year because it was so tragic and hurt so bad. Let’s remember and even celebrate 9/12 because something good always comes out of the bad. Treat each other the way we treated them on that day, the way we would like to be treated. Think of others first, not ourselves.

America is an idea, not a place. We are here, and it is in US. NEVER FORGET. Always remember.

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